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Benefits of Cow milk VS Buffalo milk


Milk is a very important meal of every household like from starting a day with tea to goodnight drink all where there is milk. Milk is a rich source of vitamins and calcium and also known as a complete meal of the body. It helps you to maintain weight and gain calories or for strong bones or teeth. The doctor generally recommends everyone to drink fresh milk every day for good health. In these articles, we will tell you about the most debatable topic of milk means which milk is best for your family Cow milk or Buffalo milk.

Benefits of Fresh Cow milk:

1-Cow milk has a low fat so it is a great meal for infants after mother's milk. It is important for the growth of children.
2- It also helps peoples to reduce their weight due to the low fat of milk.
3- Cow milk also have a greater amount of mineral's and vitamins.
4- It is also very useful for increasing brain power because it contains a sufficient quantity of sulphur which is tonic for the brain, so cow milk makes a person physically agile and mentally alert.
5- Cow milk has a sweeter taste than buffalo milk so it is used for making sweets.

Benefits of Buffalo milk

1- Buffalo milk has high fat and creamier so it is used for making cheese, curd and paneer, etc.
2- It has more calcium so it is important for bones or teethes.
3- If you want to have a sound sleep at night then buffalo milk is important for you because it is considered sleep-inducing.
4- Buffalo milk is heavier so it keeps you full for a longer period of time.
5- Buffalo milk contains low cholesterol, which is useful for the patient who is suffering from a disease like Hypertension, PCOD, Kidney problem and obesity.

Both Cow or Buffalo milk has their own benefits and good for healths and also used for different purposes. Both milks are the most consumable meal in every household. Fresh Cow and Buffalo milk are full of natural nutrients and vitamins. We just put it in our daily diets

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