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Ever thought! Why it is said to have one glass of milk everyday?
- Just because, Milk is said to be as "Complete food".
A food with all the nutritious values,especially the proteins and calcium. It can strengthen our bones and teeths and which can also helps to gain a healthy body, a good physique and a sharp mind. Milk is the only source believed to be used by a new born baby as a complete nutrition diet and is recommended for every age group.
      So, We don't compromise with the quality and with the hope of our customers, that's why we use "Milk testing kit" to test the quality of the milk and deliver it as pure raw milk to your doorstep.The price rates of Metoomilk is very less in front of having a disease free body.i.e
Price of cow milk is 60Rs/L and Price of buffalo milk is 65Rs/L
" A everyday pure milk for a healthy body & healthy mind"

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desi ghee order online
desi ghee order online
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Why choose us

Pure & fresh raw milk

Pure beacuse there is no adulteration of water and chemical in the milk and fresh beacuse milk is delivered to customer doorstep within 4 to 5 hours after milking.

Check milk quality

We provide the milk checking kit to our delivery boy so that you can check the milk quality at the time of delivery.No one will check the milk quality in front of their customer except Metoomilk.

Add money into your wallet

Download our Application from play store and add money into your wallet using UPI or Debit/Credit card easily and get hassle free milk delivery at your doorstep daily.No need to pay daily


Get free ghee/milk

Get 1 liter milk free for every 30 points (30 liter milk) or get 1kg pure ghee free for every 300 points (300 liter milk)

2 liter milk free

Use our service for minimum 10 days and get 2 liter milk free or get discount of 110Rs or 130Rs on your bill.


Recommend our service to a friend and get each 2 liter milk free if your friend will use our service for min.10 days.

What will You Get After 300 points

After successful completion of 300 points get 1kg pure ghee free or get 1liter milk free after every 30 points.

Our products

cow milk

Cow milk

60/L Order milk now

Enjoy taste & quality

buffalo milk

Buffalo milk

65/L Order milk now

Healthy milk


Fresh paneer

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Daily fresh paneer

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